Technical Resources

Technical Resources 2018-12-12T21:18:59-05:00

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For Architects

Meet the Steel Door Institute
The Best Steel Doors
Steel Doors vs. Wood, Aluminum, and FRP Doors
Tornado Resistant Doors for Shelters/Safe Rooms
Steel Doors for Schools: Fire Rated, Dent Resistant
Blast Resistant Doors – Pass and Fail Tests
How Fire Rated Doors are Made and Tested
SDI Certified

Steel Doors and Frame Installation

How to Install Frames in Steel Stud Construction
How to Install Frames in Masonry Construction
How to Install a Steel Door
How to Install Slip-On Drywall Frames
How to Install Punch & Dimple Frames


Fixing Uneven Gaps Between a Door and Frame
Fixing Doors that Won’t Close due to Hinge Bind
Fixing Frames that are Twisted or Out of Square

Preparation – Steel Door Replacement & Storage

How to Measure for Replacement Steel Doors
Jobsite Storage of Steel Doors | How to Apply Topcoat