Locks Mechanical Schlage


Schlage ND Locks area Heavy Duty Grade 1 Commercial Lock.  They are the toughest locks for heavy-duty commercial applications. Our locks are easy to service and maintain, and offer a wide range of styles and finishes to fit your project needs. Our Heavy Duty Locks get the job done with tough, dependable ANSI Grade 1 ratings designed for use in schools, hospitals, offices, retail spaces, and colleges and universities.

Dependable performance for high traffic commercial applications. Our Grade 2 locks fit best for buildings with medium to high traffic flow, such as interior office doors, banks, retail spaces and hotel guest areas. With a Grade 2 ANSI rating, and styles and finishes to suit your building’s design, our Grade 2 locks fit right where you need it. Applications include: commercial, offices, government/military, hospitality, multi-family.


Key Systems: Our key systems deliver the right level of security everywhere you need it. Whether you’re retrofitting a hospital with an updated key system or implementing a key system for a newly constructed office complex, our key systems deliver the flexibility and security you need at every level and throughout your building or campus.


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